Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Student Highlight: Kelly Hudak

Daegu, South Korea is where I will be headed this summer. I will be staying at Daegu Health College. I have always wanted to visit another country, but never thought my opportunity to do so would be so soon. I am extremely excited about my upcoming trip to South Korea.

I am told that students from eleven different countries will be attending the Global Student Leadership Program at the college. This seminar will target how leadership can impact global issues and global change.

I am looking forward to not only learning about all the different cultures, but meeting the students that come from these different countries. It will be interesting to try and understand their views on global issues. Will their thoughts be the same as mine? Or will they have a whole other idea of how global issues should be resolved? And I’m really interested on their views on health care.

During my time in South Korea I will get to visit the Daegu Museum, Gyeongju City, and the traditional Korean Market. I also have the opportunity to volunteer at a rehabilitation center for the disabled.

This will be an exciting and educational trip and I cannot wait to get there!