Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RN to BSN Students Attend Nurses Day at the Statehouse

The Ashland University College of Nursing had several RN to BSN students attend Nurses Day at the Statehouse (NDASH) in Columbus, Ohio on February 29, 2012.

Pictured from left to right are Debbie Kaminsky, Jackie  Owens (assistant professor), Kathy Dotterer, Lynda Henderson, Sarah Koehler, Doug Blaydes, Jim Schroeder, and Marsha Garnsey.  

 Pictured to the right are Jackie Owens (assistant professor), Rosalee Unwin (an AU BSN completion grad currently enrolled at Kent State), Lisa Bushong, Chris Coffy (an AU BSN completion grad who works with Lisa).

While at NDASH, some of these senior-level students had the opportunity to meet and discuss healthcare issues with Ohio Statehouse staff members.  Marsha Garnsey met with a staff member from Jay Goyal’s office.

Lisa Bushong met with Ben Famous, a staff member from Sherrod Brown’s office.  Lisa and Ben discussed medication shortages across the country.  Lisa noted, "I was very impressed with  how well educated he was on the subject.  I shared how this has affected patients in the Ashland area and he discussed how Sherrod Brown’s office and other federal government offices are working on the problem.  We also discussed the trends we see daily related to the abuse of narcotics, bath salts, and OTC drugs.  We thanked him for their fast work with outlawing bath salts. Cases have decreased.  We spoke for almost an hour, and it was time well spent."
Senior Sarah Koehler stated, "I really enjoyed the two legislative speakers.  It was refreshing that they were so versed in the medical field and our needs.  It was nice to hear what they thought and see that they really care and are trying to make a difference. I also liked hearing the hot topics for each of the nursing organizations."