Friday, March 28, 2014

Interventions for Weight Loss in Women: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Faculty and students at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences are participating in an interdisciplinary weight loss research study.  The study focuses on lifestyle changes for positive weight control through individualized health nutrition and safe exercise plans.  The research subjects are working together, learning from other health disciplines though information sharing and discipline-specific coaching as client-specific plans are administered.  The primary investigator for this research study is Karen Estridge, DNP, RN; with co-investigator Melissa Snyder, PhD, AT, ATV, SCSC; Beth Patton, PhD; and Denise Reed, MS, RD, LD. 

Billie Maglott, MSN, RN; Melessa Damoff, MSN, RN; Angela Miranda (Dietetics);
Matthew Lioi (Exercise Science); Sally Trout (Athletic Training); and Andrew Lioi (Exercise Science)

Jonathan Darmon (Athletic Training); Val Kuenkele, MSN, RN; Ashley Lorah (Exercise Science)

Braxton Wright (Dietetics); Denise Reed, MS, RD, LD; Tracy Crum BSN, RN; Abby Leboza (Exercise Science);
Melissa Hill (Athletic Training) partially hidden; Sharon See, MSN, RN.

Not shown in the photos above are team members Karen Estridge, DNP, RN; Laura Gilmore, MSN, RN; Lisa Young, DNP, RN; Tina Cunningham, Kelly Kossick, Natasha Kikbride (Dietetics), Danielle Crouse (Nursing); Lydia Kallini (Nursing); Lauren Blakney (Nursing).