Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nursing Professor Receives Mentor Award

Each year Ashland University Board of Trustees recognizes 8 mentors based on nominations by students. These letters are reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee and the Board of Trustees and the top 8 are selected. Brenda DeHaan was awarded this honor this year and was nominated by senior nursing student Victoria Gill. Victoria's letter is a touching and wonderful reflection of Professor DeHann's committment to students.

Victoria's letter:

"Professor Brenda DeHaan is deeply committed to being an excellent teacher and truly forms a relationship with each and every one of her students. She has proven to be the greatest mentor I have had at this university. Upon my arrival to the hospital, I received my patient assignment and I almost fell over. My patient had numerous problems with a lot that I had never dealt with before. Professor DeHaan simply replied, "You'll be fine, I'm right here, I know you can do this!" When I have a bad day or feel like I cannot make it through nursing school, Professor DeHaan is he first person I would want to talk to. She has such a compelling, caring, nurturing personality. She helps students learn skills, but at the same time is always there for them when they have any problems, whether it is school, home, emotional, whatever it is she is always willing to help."

Congratulations Brenda!