Friday, October 2, 2015

Nursing Alumni Association Holds Alumni Banquet

The Dwight Schar College of Nursing Alumni Association held their banquet on September 25, 2015, at the Ontario Event Center in Ontario, OH. There were approximately 65 people in attendance. There were graduates of Mansfield General Hospital School of Nursing, MedCentral College of Nursing, Ashland University Dwight Schar College of Nursing & Health Sciences, scholars and their guests.

Helen Gilmore Wappner, who is 100 years old, was in attendance. She graduated from Mansfield General Hospital School of Nursing in 1936. Also present was Jane Fransens Beeching, 90 years of age, who graduated with the MGH Class of 1946.

The main function of the Nursing Alumni Association is to raise money to give student scholarships and to support other student activities. For the traditional scholarships, the students are asked to complete an essay based on a question given to them. This year the question was, "What are the qualities of a good nurse and how do you fit those qualities?" The recipients are Sheila Owens-Bauer (senior, RN to BSN), Suzanne Evans (junior, Rn to BSN) and Kacey Kovac (junior, prelicensure).

The Alumni Association established a $50,000 Endowed Scholarship; this was the first year it yeilded funds. There were four prelicensure students who received endowed scholarships: Shelbi Brokaw (junior), Jasmine Pelfrey (junior), Dayna Nelson (senior) and Tricia Thomas (senior).

Left to Right: Suzanne Evans, Jackie Owens (AU faculty & alum), Sheila Owens-Bauer

Left to Right: Kacey Kovac, Tricia Thomas, Shelbi Brokaw

Agnes Branham (left) graduated from Mansfield General Hospital School of Nursing in 1990.
Bev Iceman (right) graduated in 1990 from Ashland University.

The 50 year class is the Class of 1965. They graduated from Mansfield General Hospital School of Nursing.
Front row: Naomi Soliday Stahl, Mary Aichholz Tackett, Gertrude "Trudi" Hassman Ward,
Sharon Frye Smith, Carol Snyder Thompson
Back row: Judy Greer Davis, Mary Cover Bishop, Susan Ehret Baker, Joann Hout Plaster, Tom Blaney