Thursday, May 19, 2016

Update: Navajo Immersion

Erin Seifert, Kaley Harrison, Emily Wood & Hannah Wetzel
at the Tsehootooi Medical Center
Monday through Wednesday students enjoyed observational experiences at the Tsehootsooi Medical Center and traveling around the reservation with the Home Based Care nurses.  The hospital experiences correlated well and validated the cultural assessment information learned during the HS 380 Navajo Reservation Cultural Immersion course.

The bilingual Home Based Care nurses were very open and accepting of each student. Sharing an insider’s perspective during the visits to patient homes made the experiences more meaningful. We appreciate their giving nature and kindness which is characteristic of the Navajo culture.

Kristy Getz had a great day in Labor and Delivery and had the privilege to be present for a birth! A moment she will treasure and never forget! This was
absolutely one of our hospital highlights.

Allison Lester & Alyssa Beto on a drive from a Home Care visit
Some students spent time with Wes Kyser and John
Wes Kyser & John Horst in the ICU
Horst on the ICU unit. Both Wes and John graduated from the AU nursing program in 2014 and are alumni of the Navajo course as well. Wes and John shared with student their experiences coming to the Rez, and transitioning to Reservation life. Nursing administrators had great things to say about John and Wes. It was a great for current students to see firsthand one of the opportunities available to professional nurses.

Emily Donahue and faculty leaders Nancy Thorne and Sharon See attended an Navajo Human Research Review Board meeting to learn more about the procedures required to conduct research on the Reservation.

Tonight we are headed to Rio Puerco youth center… be on the lookout from some pictures from there and our hike at the Window Rock!
Wes Kyser, a staff RN, and John Horst