Friday, January 6, 2017

Nursing Alumni Association Christmas Activities

The Nursing Alumni Association held a Christmas luncheon on December 14.

Becky Mangas, Sarah Strohminger,
Jane Beeching & Shirley Tipper

Carol Williams, Carolyn Bloodhart
& Rowene Santolucito

Beth Griebling, Sue Baker, Mary Bishop, Sheila Owens-Bauer,
Rosemary Sowash & Becky Mangas.
Not pictured: Fran Hoeppner & Judy Davis
Several days leading up to Christmas, members of the Nursing Alumni Association wrapped gifts at the mall for donations. The alumni use the donations for scholarships for our student nurses. Often times when the shoppers learn their donation goes for student nurse scholarships, they are more generous--they have a soft spot in their heart for nurses. 

After a very busy day gift wrapping: Shirley Tipper, Carolyn Bloodheart,
Carol Williams, Judy Davis, Sue Baker & Beth Griebling