Thursday, November 7, 2013

Health Professions Collaborative: Living Learning Community

The Health Professions Collaborative is a program that places 25 students from the Dwight Schar College of Nursing & Health Sciences together in a living-learning community (LLC) during their freshman year.  The LLC students live in the same residence hall and take a portion of their classes together.  In addition, special programming and extracurricular activities allow for the LLC students to interact in a more relaxed atmosphere.
The Living Learning Community provides freshman students with an immediate support system during their critical first year.  Students in the LLC experience the following:

  • Better connections with other students
  • Enhanced participation in campus-related activities 
  • Stronger connections to the campus/surrounding community 
  • Easy access to other students in your profession 
  • Increased interaction with faculty and staff 
  • An appreciation of how academic disciplines are interrelated 
  • Better academic performance due to deep, high-quality and substantive learning
 Also, students will learn how to work in teams, are more likely to graduate on time and will build lasting professional relationships.