Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Recognition Ceremony!

 On Saturday, August 6th, Ashland University held the Recognition Ceremony for the 38 graduating accelerated students and the 8 graduating traditional students of Dwight Schar College of Nursing. The ceremony was held in the Hugo Young Theater at Ashland University. President Frederick Finks gave the invocation succeeding a musical prelude by Dr. Carol Doan. The students were presented pins, a tradition of the nursing college, by faculty members Cynthia Dowds and Juanita Reese Kline.  The ICARE award was presented to Alan Cheverine for his endeavor shown toward integrity, caring, accountability, respect and excellence.

Guest speakers Kayleigh Scullin (Class of 2011), Kristin Greathouse (‘06 Alumni) and Ella Kick (Dean 1994-1997) shared insight for the graduating students. In Closing, Dean Faye Grund led the students in the recital of the Dwight Schar College of Nursing Pledge.
Congratulations are in order for the graduating class of 2011!

Dwight Schar College of Nursing Pledge*
In full knowledge of the obligations I am undertaking, I promise to:
Uphold the caring ethic of the profession
Endeavor to maintain my professional knowledge and skill at a level of excellence
Strive for professional practice, leadership and service
Remain dedicated to the health of a global and diverse society
Collaborate with all members of the health care team
Hold in confidence personal information entrusted to me
Implement health promotion and health prevention practices to promote wellness
Honor the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics and
Uphold the integrity of the profession of nursing.

*Recited in place of the traditional Nightingale Pledge to encourage graduates to carry forward the tradition of the profession of nursing.