Friday, August 5, 2011

A Word from Our Team in South Africa

Dear Family and friends,

What an eventful 3 days we have had.  We have run the medical clinic for 3 days-today, we hit a high number and saw about 100 patients.  The people are so appreciative of what we offer and give love to us so willingly.  We are seeing things that we in the states do not experience often and other things that we see all the time.  We have had patients with hypertension, diabetes, and allergies.  We have also seen hunger, goiters, infected wounds and many other things we will have to tell you about in person.  Better than any of the treatment we have been able to give has been the power of prayer and the true worship that we have witnessed in the believers here.  Their faith is strong and they put many of us to shame.  You should hear them sing.  You feel the presence of the Spirit as the children and adults lift their voices in praise.

Abby and Sandile (our host) and Gunter and Tricia (the home we are staying in) are very supportive of our efforts and come to help us in our task each day.  We still go to the orphanage and yesterday, we gave coloring books and crayons to the children.  They colored solid for 45 minutes and did not want to stop.

Tomorrow we will be headed to another village to run a clinic for people who cannot get to ours.   Please continue to pray for us, it really is a physically challenging day, we work the entire time.  It is also mentally and spiritually tiring.  We are not complaining, everyone is doing wonderful and we love the work we are able to do.  The people are already asking when we will be back!!

Thank you all for your love and prayers,
The South African Team